It is strange the way these things transpire. I had forgotten all about this bunch of low lives, but, they opted to reach out to me. I guess the good news is that they mostly ply their sleazy tactics in Canada.

Fronting as a benevolent money raising organization, Xentel are anything but! It was with humor that I read a press release about their 2009 second quarter results. The company makes all of these wonderful claims about raising money for charitable organizations. This may be true, but they make most of their money as debt collectors. And not very nice ones. Xentel are a company that you want nothing to do with! Of course sleaze works.

Xentel DM Incorporated (TSX VENTURE: XDM) a North American specialty entertainment and relationship marketing company, today reported its financial results for the three and six months ended June 30, 2009.

Maybe I have got something wrong, when did the collections business become ‘specialty entertainment’? Of course I am a little behind the times. I still like 70’s music, and rue the demise of some of the clothing. I had some really neat stuff!

I first met Xentel and their phone center idiots when I moved into an apartment and had the phone hooked up. It was a brand new number.

After two years of harassment, I finally had had enough.

Jan and I have lived in the same place for two years, and we have had the same phone number for all of that time.

Some call center keeps calling for someone named Mr O’Brian, at first we took it in good nature and explained that no Mr. O’Brian was here.

Unfortunately the calls became a weekly event. Poor Jan had to field them all because they tended to be during the day when I was at work. Jan has the patience of Job, but even she was beginning to wish that the witch hunt for the elusive Mr. O’Brian would look somewhere other that our basement apartment.

It was clear from the telemarketers tone that they were not looking for Mr. O’Brian to tell him that he had won a $1,000,000. I suspect that they want money! The collection business is an interesting one, you buy debt at pennies on the dollar and employ heavy handed phone thugs to try and reclaim a few pennies on the few pennies that they have bought.

Over the past year Jan has repeatedly told these people that we know of no miscreant named Mr. O’Brian. Repeatedly she has been told that our phone number will be removed from their database.

More by luck than judgment I was here the last time that the seekers of Mr. O’Brian called. It was most entertaining.

Me: Hello
Them: Can we speak to Mr. O’Brian?

Me: Nope, we are not the O’Brians, never have been, are not now, and never will be!
Them: Oh, OK, I will take you off our calling list.

Me: Hang on a second, you have said that every week for the past 2 years, what is your name, what is the name of your organization, and what is the mailing address?
Them: Ummm, let me put you through to my supervisor.

Hello, can I help you?
Me: I doubt it, but we can give it a try. For almost two years you have annoyed my wife and I with calls looking for a Mr. O’Brian, without exaggeration we have told you this at least 100 times. Why do you keep calling us?

Supervisor: I will make sure that your number is removed from our database, have a nice day.
Me: Woah, hold your horses, I want to know your name, and the name of your company, I am filing a complaint, we have asked repeatedly to be removed from your system, and nothing has been done.

Supervisor: Hold on, let me get my boss.

(shouting in the background…. Will, Will, come here quick, take this call………..)

Bossman: Hello, how can I help you?
Me: You are obviously a collection agency, and I am fed up with your calls, I am not Mr. O’Brian, I never have been and I never will be.

No problem, we will remove you from the database.
Me: No, I want more information, I plan on filing a formal complaint, your organization calls us every week. For starters what is your name?

: umm Will
Me: I am sure that you work for a pretty big outfit, so saying that I spoke to Will might not actually single you out, do you have another name, a surname maybe?

Bossman: umm its Will MacDonalad.

Me: And the name of this company is?
Bossman: umm (mumble)

Me: sorry my hearing isn’t what it was, can you speak a little louder and spell it.

umm Xentel, and we have over 30 offices worldwide

Me: And where exactly is this office? And what exactly is the address, so I know where to send my letter?

We are in Edmonton, but I do not know the address.

Me: (laughing) That sounds odd, I have a job, I know the address of where I have to go everyday, do they move you around a lot or something?

: No, what I meant was I do not know the Post Office Box number.

Me: Oh I care nothing about the PO box, I want the street address.

: Oh, umm, it’s (mumble).

Me: sorry I did not quite get that, can you speak up and slowly…..

: umm its 10025 102st, Edmonton. (Canada)

So my fellow readers and fellow recipients of those ugly calls from people that you don’t know, and don’t care about, it’s people like Will MacDonald doing it. Pick up your keyboard, or your pen and send them a message.

And remember to get their name and address, boy they hate that! Xentel are not the PR company that they would portray in the Press Release.

But sleaze pays, sure they have taken a few hits in the courtroom, but they still make money.

Check out Xentel’s bottom line here. Misery pays! All of the profits are at the expense of someone. They are not collecting for the local FireMan’s fund, in fact they got busted in 2003 for doing exactly that!

Simon Barrett

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