The gaming industry has just become this big ball filled with so much fun and innovations that are introduced to make sure that you get the best quality gaming that there is. Therefore, be sure on not to miss out on what has been described to best that the Xbox family has to offer their players. Microsoft has surely done justice with this addition to their gaming consoles. According to, when trying out online casino games you always need to make sure that you pick the best games on the market. And, the same applies for players intending to use Xbox one as well. Therefore, here are our pick of the best games in their market right now.

505 Games’ Control

This game is for those that are all about female emancipation. The 505 games’ control comes with the best of everything, from frenetic power, gunplay to a cool narrative to. The concept of the game is that you save your lost brother who has been declared missing. It will give you a more realistic gaming even though you are initially meant to be in the fantasy world.

Cuphead from Studio MDHR

According to some Xbox one gaming experts, this game have been described as a beautiful and yet challenging game. Also, Cuphead comes with a beauty part that dominates the whole gaming. This might be due to the fact that the game has a colorful and beautiful graphic art. Additionally, the game has hand drawn visuals with a 1930s-like theme. Also, you will get to enjoy the different fights that come from the different levels of this game.

Forza Horizon 4

Just like many online casinos games, the Forza Horizon might have been created to give you the fun and the excitement you need right now. This may be due to the fact that it comes with a lot of destinations for you to travel to and explore. Here is a chance for you to move around Europe from England to Wales and the beautiful Scotland.

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