Catholic World News Blog gives a “headup” about certain Catholic bishops holding a fundraiser in Las Vegas.

Well, yes, fundraisers like Medical meetings are more convenient to hold in big hotels which have the infrastructure to do so. However, it is unclear if the bishops stayed in the hotels or stayed in the local Hotel 6 and took a taxi over to the meeting.

The cluelessness can be found HERE:

The 18th annual fundraiser was preceded by a mass at the Shrine of the Most Holy Redeemer just off the Las Vegas Strip. Bishop Joseph Pepe of the Diocese of Las Vegas presided. Catholic University President Rev. David M. O’Connell was to deliver a homily about conversion.

“We will still encounter hostility and opposition in the world because of what we believe and in whom we believe,” O’Connell said in prepared remarks, telling the congregation to look to Jesus Christ as a model for overcoming obstacles.

Yup. Jesus Christ as a roll model.

CWNblog writes:

There are plenty of monasteries with plenty of empty rooms… And the photos of the bishops at make-shift matins in a basement conference room speak louder than any document… In the present case, thankfully, the Mass was not held at a hotel; only the squeeze play took place there. But even the cocktail waitresses at the Four Seasons Las Vegas will be able to intuit something out of whack in that particular conjunction of red silk and raised funds.

Yes, I know that hotels often give deep discounts to those going to a meeting (or for those of us who worked for Uncle Sam, government rates). And the article doesn’t say they stayed in a ritzy hotel.

But just the thought of Sean O’Malley there seems absurd. I mean, this is a guy who lives in a small apartment and used to be a missionary. Of course, knowing O’Malley, he’s probably down in the back talking to the employees and hearing confessions, but nevertheless, reading the report makes one wonder…
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