WWI: What’s Wrong with Islam?
by Damian B Malek

The first thing that strikes you on finishing this book is the fact that the title is completely disengenous. This book offers no real solutions for the West’s conflict with Islam. There is an aside about how it would be a good idea to target Muslim women because they have more to gain from modern amenities than men.

Most of the book seems to be focused on Judiasm, Christianity and the history of the Middle East before Islam showed up. The author never misses a chance to have a go at President Bush; which gets tiring as well.

His basic point is that Mohammed has already countered all the possible goodies the West can offer which his ideas on the afterlife. Constant food, water and shagging for Muslim men is far more enticing than anything the West can come up with for this life.

There seems to be an underlying idea that Islam and democracy are incompatible. Overall the book says nothing really new and is not really a good justification for the title. I finished it feeling let down by the promise of the book.

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