The World Wildlife Fund for Nature (WWF) has warned that current levels of global consumption could lead to large-scale collapse in global ecosystems by the year 2050. Living Planet Report, the group’s biennial report on the condition of the natural world, warns that natural resources of this planet are being depleted at an unprecedented rate in the human history, and half of it would have been degraded by the year 2050. Living Planet Report says that more than 31% of the terrestrial species had declined between 1970 and 2003 and the planet cannot stand the pace at which natural resources are being plundered, resulting in biodiversity loss.

The authors of this report warn that if the rest of the world starts to share UK’s lifestyle, then we may need three planets of the size of earth to meet the needs of humanity, by the year 2050. The report is compiled based on data from two indicators – the Living Planet Index and the Ecological Footprint. The living planet index track the population of thousands of animal species around the globe, while the ecological footprint measure the impact of human activity on biologically productive land and water. According to this report, the global ecological footprint exceeded the earth’s biocapacity by 25% in 2003 and this finding supports another study published earlier this month, which said that the world went into an ‘ecological debt’ on October 9 this year. 

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