The warmth of the summer brings with it, the second biggest event on the W.W.E. calendar. It is also a time of fun and excitement for all wrestling fans who wait in anticipation for this grand affair. Held at the Staples Center, in Los Angeles, California, with a crowd of over 17,000 in attendance, the W.W.E has to be proud and overwhelmed with the continued support of its followers, and the great athletic of abilities of its wrestlers. Now, I am going to talk a little about some of the matches at this tremendous event.

The Intercontinental Championship was at stake in the opening contest. This match pitted two top-notch competitors – the swift and speedy Rey Mysterio and the ever-improving Dolph Ziggler. Any match involving Rey is always fast-paced, and viewers expect some smooth, quick moves.

This title match met all expectations, and had numerous close calls. Early in this battle, the two combatants were slugging away in one corner of the ring. Dolph broke loose and walked to the centre of the ring. Viewers could see he was contemplating his next move – to run head on into his opponent. But, the quick moving Mysterio predicted his opponent’s thoughts, and moved out of the way.

Mysterio then attempted the same move, but instead landed on the top rope. Again, the quick-thinking champion demonstrated a smooth and accurate flip. He pinned his opponent, but for only a two count – much to his disappointment.

The action was nerve-racking and nail-biting. It was the locking of Mysterio’s legs around Dolph’s head, which flipped him to the center of the ring. That move is called the hurricanrana, or the frankensteiner. It earned Rey the victory, and allowed him to retain the Intercontinental Championship.

Despite his loss, I believe Dolph Ziggler has great potential, and will one day become IC Champion. He is a good wrester who has improved tremendously, and earned he respect of the viewers, and that should be great encouragement for him. I think he performed very well against the high-flying Rey Mysterio.

Fans were entertained by a great tag team match featuring D-Generation X (Triple H and Shawn Michaels) and Legacy (Ted Dibiase and Cody Rhodes.) The introduction to DX was grand and elaborate. Members of the U.S. Army surrounded the entrance ramp and fired rifles filled with pyrotechnics. The sight was unbelievable, and the crowd went wild. The two high profile superstars then entered the arena on a tank, or as I like to call it, a “war” vehicle. In my mind, it sent a message to the crowd – they were ready to go to war with the Legacy members.

There was action, and attempts to illegally enter the ring when the other teammate was in trouble. The referee tried to maintain control, but that was not an easy task. The wrestlers were able to sneak their moves illegally, while their partners distracted the referee. The crowd created havoc, but the referee ignored the cries. Each wrestler tried his signature move with the hopes of getting  the victory. The “CrossRhodes” neckbreaker, by Cody Rhodes, failed. So too, did the Pedigree by Triple H. Even the “Dream Street” by Ted Dibiase was unsuccessful. It was Shawn Michaels and his “Sweet Chin Music” that ended the battle, and won DX the match.

The crowd wanted DX to win. I am sure that the grand and creative entrance helped the fans get behind this duo even more. While Legacy was not successful in this battle, I am sure the two wrestlers will work harder, and come out looking stronger in the next match between these teams.

The next battle was for the ECW Championship, where Christian defended against William Regal. The champion was met with a huge ovation. Before Regal disrobed, Christian attacked his opponent with his “Killswitch” finishing move, and the match was over. This was a title match, which was extremely short. It should have been a great battle, with multiple moves and close calls. But, fans did not see that.

Summerslam is considered the second biggest wrestling event, and this match was a huge disappointment. Is McMahon sending out a message? ECW is part of the WWE. Could there be something internal brewing? Why would the company even bother to have these wrestlers appear for only mere seconds on this stage? Why? But, the show continued, with a much better Championship match.

Two well-known superstars competed for the WWE Championship. Randy Orton defended the gold against John Cena. From the reactions of the crowd, it was evident that there was a split. Some were supporting Randy, and some, John.

Randy found himself in an awkward situation when the challenger delivered a back body drop on his opponent. He realized that he was in a predicament, and intentionally pushed the referee. This caused him to be disqualified. Randy Orton knew what he was doing. He was aware that if a disqualification occurs, the championship does not change hands.

Vince McMahon was furious. So, an announcement was made for the match to continue, and if Orton was disqualified again, he would lose the belt. The battle continued. The fight shifted outside the ring on a few occasions, and eventually Randy was counted out. McMahon, again, ordered the match to continue. It seemed that he just did not want Randy to retain the title.

Other referees became involved when the champion used the ropes to gain leverage for the pinfall. The drama continued with the surprise appearance of Bret Dibiase. It caused a distraction in the match, as security escorted him out of the ring. Everyone, including the wrestlers, looked on in disbelief. The match ended with Orton hitting his “RKO” finisher to retain the title.

The false finishes added to the drama of this match. Even though McMahon demanded the match to restart on a few occasions, it was evident that Orton would do whatever it takes to retain his championship.

The main event was nothing short of spectacular. It was a “Tables, Ladders, and Chairs” match, for the World Heavyweight Championship – Jeff Hardy defended against C.M. Punk. The action was unbelievable. The chair hitting, the table crashes, and the throwing of a television monitor, were hard to watch, yet all of this was legal, but hard on the wrestlers’ bodies. A ladder was brought out from under the ring, and Jeff used it to get at Punk, and the crowd went wild. Both athletes went down, and were in obvious pain. The medical team appeared, and was placing Jeff on a stretcher, while Punk stumbled back into the ring. The champion caught a glimpse of this, got off the stretcher, and staggered back into the ring. After the two battled on the ladder, Punk threw Jeff off, and finally retrieved the belt, after a hard fought battle.

Punk stood over the defeated Jeff, dangling the belt. Then, the lights in the arena flickered, and flickered. Punk was confused. His confusion quickly turned to fear, when he spotted the Undertaker. He chokeslammed Punk, and ended the show, with an arena full of screaming fans, who were fully satisfied with the evening’s entertainment.

Once again, the WWE staged a wonderful show. The various moves are hard on the bodies of the wrestlers, and I think Vince McMahon and his team should implement stricter rules when it comes to the use of illegal objects in matches. While it entertains the fans, one should think about the long term effect this sport has on the wrestlers’ lives. I enjoyed the event, and the creativity it involved, but on the other hand, I feel for the wrestlers.

Azeem Kayum

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