Since its inception in August of 1988, Summerslam has become part of the WWE’s annual “Big 4” events. Over the years, fans have witnessed a few surprise occurrences to go along with the thrilling action. This year was not any different. The Brooklyn crowd observed a multitude of title changes, and a turn which many fans did not see coming, but hoped would transpire. The opening match was for the Intercontinental Championship.

The champion, Dolph Ziggler (with Drew McIntyre at ringside) wrestled Seth Rollins (who was accompanied by Dean Ambrose). What a great match this was, especially the closing stretch. Seth was distracted a bit after Drew rammed Dean into the steel steps. After completing the Zig Zag on him, and getting only a two count, the frustration on Dolph’s face was evident. The action between the cornermen continued at ringside. When Ambrose recovered from the earlier attack, he hit Drew with Dirty Deeds, allowing Seth to end the match with a Superkick/Blackout combination for the win. Seth Rollins was crowned the new Intercontinental Champion to the delight of a raucous Brooklyn crowd. Despite the win, this rivalry is not over. I am sure Dolph expects a rematch down the road. I also believe that a tag match between the two teams will take place soon.

In a three way match for the Smackdown Women’s title, Carmella was challenged by Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch. Becky was almost victorious once she applied the Disarmer submission on the champion. The crowd went wild. When it looked like Carmella was going to tap out, Charlotte applied her Natural Selection finisher on Becky to win the match. Charlotte Flair became the new champion, and the crowd voiced its disapproval. They booed even louder, when Charlotte and Becky embraced. Then, the unexpected occurred…

Becky Lynch finally snapped. She relentlessly attacked the new champion. She tossed Flair into the barricade, and over the announcers’ desk. The fans chanted loudly for Becky, as they always felt that she deserved the title. Now, I am sure the question becomes why did this happen?

The match was scheduled as Carmella defending against Becky Lynch. With it being one-on-one, everyone believed Becky had the chance to realize her dream. But, when Charlotte returned after an absence, a match was scheduled between Charlotte and Carmella on an edition of Smackdown, where if the former won, she would be added into the Summerslam title match. Well Charlotte won, and a backstage camera caught Becky with a look of disdain on her face. So, when Charlotte won the match and the title, Becky had every right to react the way she did. She felt she was robbed of the title by her “friend.” And, the fans reacted very positively towards this new attitude. I hope this new attitude she developed will help her in her mission towards capturing the Smackdown Women’s Championship, because I think, like a lot of other fans, that she really and truly deserves to be champion.

The WWE Championship match between A.J. Styles and Samoa Joe was filled with animosity, hostility and hatred. The storyline leading to this match was built around Joe making some mocking and disheartening comments about A.J.’s family. The champion’s wife and daughter were in the crowd. As the fight moved to the ringside area, Joe grabbed a microphone, and in a mocking and insulting tone, told the champion’s daughter, that he will be her new daddy. That just set A.J. off! Styles speared Joe through a barricade and kept beating the challenger until backstage officials ran to ringside to pull the champion off his opponent. I believe the rematch will be at the Hell in a Cell event on Sept. 16. While I know it would only be the second match for them in the WWE, I hope it is held inside the Cell structure. If that happens, it will allow them to do whatever they want, without a thought towards a possible disqualification. A no disqualification match between the two would work as well. But, based on the vitriol displayed in their Summerslam match, I do not think that the second match should be a regular one.

In the night’s penultimate match, Alexa Bliss was challenged by Ronda Rousey for the Raw Women’s title. This was what it should have been, total destruction by Ronda. It ended in quick fashion after Alexa tapped out to Rousey’s armbar submission hold. Ronda Rousey was crowned the new Raw Women’s champion in her third match with the company. I understand why it happened. And it makes sense from a marketing standpoint, since it would bring in more eyes to the product and more media coverage. But, I do think she is improving in the ring, and wants to continue to learn and become better.

The Universal title was at stake in the night’s main event. The champion, Brock Lesnar went against Roman Reigns. Prior to the match, Braun Strowman walked out to the ring, and declared that he planned to cash in the Money in the Bank contract at the end of the match. So both competitors knew they had another match afterwards….or so they thought. Roman almost emerged victorious after numerous spears and Superman punches. When the action progressed to ringside, Brock attacked Braun, brutalizing the Monster with repeated chair shots which echoed throughout the arena. Then, he tossed the briefcase all the way up the entrance ramp. The end came when Lesnar returned inside the ring, and was speared by Reigns for the three. Roman Reigns emerged the new Universal Champion. In my opinion, Brock was too focused on eliminating the threat of Braun. It consumed him so much, that he lost sight of retaining the title. The fans booed the result, though not as loud as I thought they would.

I think a new champion was long overdue. While Reigns is not too popular among fans, he will appear on Raw and pay-per-views on a weekly basis. I am sure he would also be willing to defend the title against all opponents. He even defended it the night after Summerslam against Finn Balor. He did not have to do that, but he wanted to, and that is what a true champion is all about.

Summerslam 2018 was filled with action, drama and a surprise. Titles changed hands and the crowd was relatively hot and boisterous throughout. The aftermath sets up nicely for the remaining months of WWE programming, including the Hell in A Cell event. The WWE should be commended for putting on a spectacular show for the Brooklyn crowd. Hopefully, the momentum that began over Summerslam weekend will continue until the end of the year.

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