Held in front of a boisterous crowd at the American Airlines Arena, in Miami, Florida, the 2010 Survivor Series was a night filled with excitement and drama that only the WWE can provide. All the Championships were defended. There was also a traditional five-on-five Survivor Series elimination match, and a main event, which focused more on what the special guest referee would do to possibly protect his future with the company. The opening contest of the night was a Championship battle.

The United States title was at stake as Daniel Bryan defended the belt against Ted Dibiase Jr. This was a great way to open the show, as the company displayed two of its young talents, who could make a bigger impact in the future. There were many near pinfalls in this match. Daniel utilized several of his aggressive kicks on his opponent, but Dibiase fought back fearlessly. The battle took a turn when Bryan attempted a dive over the ropes onto his opponent, who was outside the ring. Dibiase moved out of the way, and Bryan landed on the floor. As a result of the fall, he injured his shoulder. Despite that, Daniel Bryan continued fighting, and even locked in his “LeBell Lock” submission hold. Dibiase did not have a choice but to submit, and as a result Daniel Bryan retained the United States Championship. In my opinion, it was a great match, with the right ending. I think Dibiase will win a singles title very soon – he has the talent and skill to achieve that goal.

In a match made the previous Monday Night on Raw, John Morrison battled Sheamus. The strength of Sheamus and the speed of Morrison were on display in this battle. To slow down his agile opponent, Sheamus attacked a knee. He then grabbed the leg, picked it up, and slammed it hard on the canvas. The pain was evident on John’s face. Sheamus went for the pin, but Morrison kicked out after a two count. The match came to its conclusion when Sheamus tried to use a big boot to the face of Morrison, but he ducked, and the larger athlete was caught in the ropes. Morrison kicked Sheamus, who staggered around the ring, and tried to maintain his balance.  Unfortunately, Sheamus was disoriented, and Morrison nailed his opponent with a running knee. With his larger adversary down, Morrison covered for the three count and the victory. It was a hard fought win for John. While I am happy with the result, I wonder where Sheamus goes from here. I am sure the WWE will think of someone for him to feud with, until Triple H returns, because according to the storylines, Sheamus “injured” Triple H. And I know Sheamus will have payback coming at the hands of Triple H.

The traditional Survivor Series elimination match featured ten competitors from Smackdown. One side featured a team captained by Rey Mysterio, who was joined by the Big Show, Kofi Kingston, Chris Masters, and MVP. Across the ring stood the team captained by Alberto Del Rio, and on his side were Drew McIntyre, Cody Rhodes, Tyler Reks and Jack Swagger. In the middle of the match, Del Rio entered the ring, and started mocking the Big Show. Show became angry, and knocked his cocky adversary out with a punch. Drama was created when the trainers came out and had to assist the team captain out of the ring to the dressing room. He did not return, and I don’t think he was officially eliminated.

The final four were Drew McIntyre, Jack Swagger, Rey Mysterio and the Big Show. Big Show splashed Swagger in a corner, and then floored him with a shoulder block. The end for Swagger occurred when he and Rey were battling in a corner. Jack placed his opponent on the top rope, but Rey fought and knocked Swagger to the mat. Rey then hit a hurricanrana flip, which caused Jack to stagger into the ropes. Rey executed his 6-1-9 move, causing Swagger to fall back to the centre of the ring. Mysterio then climbed onto his large partner’s shoulders and hit a big splash on Swagger to eliminate him from the match. Drew McIntyre did not fare too much better. When he entered the ring, he was tripped into the ropes. Rey hit his 6-1-9, and the Big Show dropped his opponent with a chokeslam to gain the victory for his team. This was an exciting and action packed contest. All the competitors got a chance to shine. The fans were happy with the result. Even though I wanted Del Rio’s team to emerge victorious, the better side won.

The main event featured Randy Orton defending the WWE title against the leader of Nexus, Wade Barrett, with John Cena as the special referee. There were many stipulations in this battle, but the most important ones were that if Wade Barrett won the title, Cena would be released of his Nexus duties (Cena was forced to join Nexus a couple months ago, and do everything they demanded of him.) But if Orton won, Cena would be fired on the spot. Cena called the match fairly. He didn’t show any favouritism, despite his association with Nexus. This angered Barrett, and it led to some confrontations during the match. It created some thrills for the spectators, and they became extremely interested in the exchanges.

The final few moments were interesting. Barrett hit his “Wasteland” finisher. Cena counted to two, and he stopped because Orton was able to grab the bottom rope. John broke up the pin, just like he was supposed to. Wade became angry, and started yelling at Cena. He just couldn’t take it anymore, and pushed the challenger into an RKO by Orton. Cena counted the pinfall. Randy Orton retained the WWE Championship, and, the special referee, according to the stipulations is now “fired” from the WWE.

After the match, Cena watched from a corner of the ring as Orton celebrated. When the champion left the ring, he turned around and nodded his head in appreciation of John Cena. He then left the ring, embraced the fans, and when he got near the entrance ramp, he turned back, faced the crowd, and saluted them one last time. Now, I am unsure how long this “firing” will last. I think Cena will probably come back around the Royal Rumble and gain revenge on Barrett and the rest of Nexus. Fans know that unfinished business always leads to something exciting.

The Survivor Series was a great show. There was a lot of action, excitement, and from the looks of things, it seems that the fans enjoyed it tremendously. However, this show, historically, has been built on the tag team elimination matches. I understand the necessity to have the two Heavyweight Championships defended at every pay-per-view, including this one. But, I also believe there can be more than one elimination match. The WWE has enough talent on the roster and should be able to put at least three five-on-five, or even four-on-four elimination matches, two Championship matches, and maybe even a Diva’s title match every year. If they do that, it will show the fans they still care about the tradition of this show. I hope they put greater thought into the planning of future Survivor Series events, bring out some surprises, and give the dedicated, hardcore spectators more than one traditional Survivor Series Elimination match.

Azeem Kayum

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