BNN Exclusive:Can a smaller state affect the outcome of the 2008 Presidential nominating process for the entire country? It just might, if Republicans from West Virginia have anything to do with it.

West Virginia Republicans have scheduled a first-ever nominating convention for February 5 of next year–“Super Duper Tuesday” as it’s been called. 21 states will hold their presidential primaries on Feb 5. The convention is being held in the morning, so that the results will be known and broadcast nationally before the close of polling places later in the day.

By holding the convention in the morning, Republican officials are hoping that it might affect the results of later voting elsewhere. And they appear to be onto something, as ten Republican candidates have scheduled appearances at the convention.

Republican candidates already registered are: Massachussetts Gov. Mitt Romney, former NYC mayor Rudy Giuliani, Sen. Fred Thompson, Sen. John McCain(R-AZ), and Rep. Ron Paul(R-TX).

Also registered for the convention are: US Sen. Sam Brownback(R-KS), former ARK govenor Mike Huckabee, US Representative Duncan Hunter (R-CA), Alan Keyes, former Reagan administration diplomat, and Maryland businessman Gene Zarwell.

At stake will be West Virginia’s 30 delegates. And the hopes to wield influence on a larger, national stage.

* * West Virginia Convention to Feature 10 Republican Contenders
* West Virginia Convention to Feature 10 Republican Contenders
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