The WV Republicans Awarded 18 Delegates at their Convention this Morning

After No Candidate was Able to reach 50% the first Round, The Second Round Started

It was Then that some Old-fashioned Horse-trading Began 

Huckabee the Surprise Winner of First Super Tuesday Event to Conclude

In a Machiavellian finish, Mitt Romney got froze out of 18 delegates at the WV GOP Convention this morning when John McCain, who had very little delegate support gave his delegates to Mike Huckabee and allowed the former Arkansas governor to best Mitt Romney.

After the first round, Romney had 41%, Huckabee 33% and McCain 12%. Ron Paul had between 10 and 11%.

Romney, Huckabee and Paul had addressed the 1100-1200 delegates before the first round voting.

Romney addressed delegates before the convention and the large room was Standing Room Only.

The Ron Paul Meet-the-Candidate room was also quite full with approximately 100-150 well-wishers, autograph-seekers and delegates meeting the Texas Congressman.

The McCain room is pictured below.

It was after the first round that the back room horse-trading began.

With no chance for victory, McCain joined forces with Huckabee and with a few uncommitted delegates committing, victory was snatched from Romney who easily had the largest single amount of delegates at the convention.

Huckabee picked up 18 delegates at the convention, held in the state capital of Charleston. The remaining 12 delegates will be awarded to the winner of the WV GOP primary on May 5.

What candidates had the most enthusiastic responses?

How did the McCain operative describe the Arizona Senator’s chances?

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WV GOP Convention: Naked Politics Triumphs 

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