Wrestlemania. Throughout the year, superstars of the WWE work hard to be part of this spectacular pay-per-view event. The fans anticipate this show, after the previous one concludes. This year’s event takes place outdoors at Sun Life Stadium, in Miami, Florida, on April 1, 2012, and promises to be a night full of great matches, and intrigue, and I know it will be filled with excitement and action. The WWE started the build up to this show, the night after Wrestlemania 27.

For the first time ever, the main event was announced a year in advance. In Miami, The Rock, in his hometown, will face John Cena, and this match excited fans. These two adversaries teamed up at the Survivor Series in November, and it was The Rock’s first match in over seven years. They won, and fans did not see the Rock again, until after the “Elimination Chamber” event in February.

During the past few episodes of Raw, both wrestlers exchanged verbal insults to continue the build up for their big showdown. I think this will be an interesting match between two of the top stars in the industry. I am interested to see how The Rock performs in his first one-on-one match in many years. Now, it is very likely that The Rock will not stick around too long after Wrestlemania, as he continues to make movies. He will only return if the WWE needs him. Therefore, my pick to win this “once in a lifetime” match is the man the company will continue to push, whether fans like it or not, John Cena. Whatever the result, I am sure the crowd will be boisterous throughout this huge battle, and there is no doubt that the stadium will be rocked with screams and shouts.

The match I am looking forward to the most is C.M. Punk defending the WWE Championship against Chris Jericho. Ever since his return, Jericho has been claiming to be “the best wrestler in the world.” Punk also believes the same thing about himself. So, who really is the best? Chris earned this championship opportunity by winning a battle royal on Raw. Hopefully, the WWE will give these fantastic wrestlers a chance to “steal the show.” In my opinion, I think Punk retains, but this is the hardest match of the night to predict, because the opponents are so evenly matched. Hopefully, the wrestlers involved, will put on a great match for the fans in attendance.

For over two decades, the “streak” has been a significant and exciting part of Wrestlemania. The Undertaker has amazed wrestling fans by going undefeated (19-0) at the big event. Last year, he defeated Triple H, in a hard-fought battle, in which the Undertaker was unable to leave the ring under his own power. This year, they wrestle again, but the match will definitely have a couple of interesting twists.

Recently, it was announced on Raw that the two will battle inside “Hell in a Cell.” Not long after that was made official, Shawn Michaels informed the competitors that he would be the special guest referee. He concluded by saying that he knew who would win. That statement confused his friend, Triple H, as well as the fans. So, what does Shawn mean? Personally, I think he will cost his friend the match, allowing the Undertaker to achieve his twentieth victory at the big event. It may be revealed afterwards that if he (Shawn) couldn’t beat Taker, then he will not allow his friend to do so. His ego will get in the way of calling the match “down the middle.” I hope Taker gets his historic victory. It will be a tremendous fight, and the “Hell in a Cell” adds an extra element of drama to an already compelling matchup.

Based on recent WWE programming, I can foresee a couple of other matches being made official very soon. One of them features Randy Orton against Kane. While that match may not thrill fans, it does have a story behind it.

Recently on Smackdown, Orton was involved in a match against Daniel Bryan. Prior to the match ending, Kane, for some unknown reason, entered the ring, and attacked Randy. Orton responded in kind the following week. If that match becomes official, I think Randy Orton should win.

Fans who follow the WWE know there is one “General Manager” for Raw, (John Laurenitis) and one for Smackdown (Theodore Long). Recently, both G.Ms claimed they can run both shows. We also see in this storyline, how protective they are towards their separate brand.

At Wrestlemania, I believe a match will take place with teams representing both GM’s, with the winning team’s GM running both shows. I am unsure who the members of each team will be, and how it will affect the rest of the card, but I am sure it will be an intriguing match. I hope that the team representing John Laurenitis wins the match, as I think a “changing of the guard” is needed on Smackdown, and Long has been in charge of that show for a long, long time.

I think Wrestlemania 28 has the potential to be an incredible show with some breath taking action. I do question how the company will hang the Hell in a Cell cage above the ring in an outdoor stadium. I am aware that some extra construction will have to be done, and it is my hope that whatever structure is erected, will be safe, and fans will have an unforgettable night.

So, we have a few weeks before this grand event, and I am sure there will be more twists and announcements that will add to the already well-hyped event. Enjoy the evening, whether on television, or live, in Miami.

Azeem Kayum

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