Hurricane Harvey is a misfortunate event that struck Texas last week. While it may be over, its wrath continues. It started off as a Tropical Storm down south, but then it gained power and strengthened into a category 4 hurricane, with winds reaching speed up to 130 mph. Hurricane Harvey brought major destruction to populous cities like Houston for example. Many areas were flooded causing serious trauma, and some states like Louisiana faced a lot of rain. The coast guards rescued many lives. Some people even started asking for help on social media by sharing images of the chaos. President Trump even decided to take action by making plans to visit Texas on Tuesday. Loads and loads of people have ended up in shelters and are having some trouble recovering from the disaster. The main feature in Hurricane Harvey which made its effects deadly was its rain. The rain in some areas reached 50 inches. The roads, where cars were smoothly able to drive on, turned into raging rivers. The damage this storm caused, earned it a spot in one of the nation’s costliest natural disasters. Many Gasoline refineries were shut down which affected the entire country. The gasoline prices increased their average by 4 cents in just a week.
Hopefully, this destruction will end soon and we start to recover. Businesses are starting to catch up wherever possible based on their earlier preparedness. Oil companies had stocked up on oil and gasoline before the storm so there would be no immediate and urgent shortages. People from around the country are coming together and finding ways to rescue those stranded in the storm as soon as possible. So far they are meeting a few bumps on the road, but sooner or later, they should find success. Even people like us can help by simply donating money to shelters and charities. Hurricane Harvey may continue to cause a lot of damage, but may God help people find a way to get through.

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