According to a recent report critics have dismissed a recent proposed settlement from WR Grace for thousands of Canadian residents, stating that the settlement benefits lawyers more than it does the residents, and adding that the settlement works out to a poor deal for the residents that are involved.

Although the settlement deal is for six and a half million dollars for the thousands of Canadians that have asbestos containing insulation in their homes, half of the money is set to go to lawyers, and this means that the residents that have the contaminated insulation in their homes will only end up with around six hundred dollars a piece.

One critic said that the six hundred dollars was “an absolutely paltry amount of money.” Another official added: “It’s almost useless in terms of the scale of the remediation work that needs to be done out there.” Officials have pointed out that it can cost thousands of dollars to get this sort of insulation removed from a property.

One activist who has lost six family members to asbestos related diseases said: “That is just adding insult to injury. $600? I don’t know if you can get anybody to do an assessment of your home for $600.”

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