WOT – Web Of Trust (or not)?

I have been around the web for many years. It can be a dangerous place. Click on the wrong thing, and WHAP, now you have nasty little critters called Viruses running amok on your computer. These nasty digital critters can cause huge amounts of harm, they can steal or destroy your information.

Most people opt to put some sort of ‘Gate Keeper’ program on their PC. A program that will alert you if the ‘bad guys’ are trying to mess with you. The most popular ‘Gate Keepers’ are from Symantec. McAfee, and AVG. Personally I use AVG, I view the other two as little more than an expensive adventure into buying malware! Getting rid of Symantec’s anti virus program always seems to involve ‘brain surgery’ on the System Registry.

Regardless of my views, these programs operate in their own environment. They sit and watch for unusual activity. When they spot something problematic, they warn the user. No one needs a computer virus!

Lets face it, if you got a virus warning about a popular site, you likely would tell your friends. “Don’t go there”, or words to that effect, possibly stronger!

But what if the site has no viruses, offers useful information, but someone decides that they don’t like the information?

As the Apple Ad goes, ‘There’s and Ap for that’!

Let me introduce you to WOT (Web Of Trust). The scheme is deceptively easy. You don’t have to go to the bother of actually writing any code to check for viruses, well, think about it? That would take a lot of effort. And you would have to keep it updated. That would be a huge amount of work.

WOT had a much better idea, let everyone rate web sites on quality and reliability of the information it contains. Of course this makes WOT about as reliable as an Amazon book review, but who cares!

Very few people cared a cold witches WOTnot about WOT, WOT had already been done by others. Cash rich (well sort of) Facebook appears to be embracing Wonkas Own Theory (WOT).

It will be interesting to see how far Willy Wonker gets with this. I know of at least one site that got Willy Wonkered on Facebook, but by the time I got involved the ‘wonker’ factor had gone away. As far as I can tell Wonker On Top (WOT) is not even a US site. A quick look at the ‘Wonker’ site makes it clear that they do not want to talk to anyone. I guess they are too busy ‘wonking’. I have do admit that I am surprised that at this time of year they are warm enough to even consider the idea of Wonking!

What bothers me most is that Faceplant or whatever they call themselves this week would have any dealings with Willy Wonker.Oh, and if you get Wonked by these guys, take a deep breath. They are in Finland, why FaceBook could not find a friend in the US, gives me pause for thought. I am the first to admit that there are sites that need to be ‘wonked’. Have we reached the low that we need Finland to do the wonking?

Much has been made of ‘out sourcing’ jobs by both Obama and Romney. I wonder what their thoughts are about Web Of Trust?

You tell me? The message sounds fine, but I have heard this message before. WOT’s site can be viewed here.  Unlike WOT, I give a damn, I view WOT as Wotever! Maybe they should go back to fixing pickled Herrings and leave the Big World to grown ups!

Simon Barrett

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