Those who investigate such matters as ‘collateral damage’, deaths through abortions, starvation, and infections with venereal diseases — particularly HIV — are all too aware that Bush as U.S. Decider-in-Chief is running wars that are killing thousands of women and children in the Middle East. Pope Alexander XVI, one time Hitler youth, is responsible as the head of the sex-obsessed Catholic hierarchy for the deaths both of thousands of women each year butchered by ‘illegal abortions — particularly in Latin America — and the starvation and deaths through diseases of millions of children whose families and nations cannot afford the wherewithall to keep them alive.

The limitation of population growth is perhaps even more vital a human concern than climate control. Efforts to assist nations in limiting the excess births of children have been sabotaged constantly and all too effectively by the interventions of the Roman Catholic Church. I remember well its battles against Roe v. Wade. Ironically caring Catholics have either disregarded the church’s commands or left it — including some of the most caring nuns and priests that I have personally known. The major Catholic theologians that might have rescued this moribund institution constitute a whose who list: John Courtney Murray Jr., SJ, Hans Kung, and many others silenced or driven out of Catholic institutions for disputing a runaway hierarchy.

It is, then, an ironic moment in the history of mass killing to have these two closeted behind closed doors — plotting what each will tell us that Jesus has confided to him. Needless to say the Pilates have been recrucifying Jesus again and again down through the ages. He cared about vulnerable women and children and gave his life for them! Ed Kent


Pope Shares Iraq Concerns in Meeting With Bush
Pope Benedict XVI expressed concerns to President Bush
about the Middle East, according to the Vatican.

“A war is just if there is no alternative, and the resort to arms is legitimate if they represent your last hope.” (Livy cited by Machiavelli)

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