Australia’s Natural Fuel make history Wednesday by creating a biodiesel plant in Singapore that would become the world’s biggest biodiesel facility.
The firm invests $130 million in the project according to Richard Selwood, managing director and chief executive officer of Natural Fuel.
The first phase of the plant will be functional by the end of next year. It is expected to about 600,000 tonnes (roughly 12,000 barrels per day) of biodiesel, he said. A second and third phase would increase the output of the plant to 1.8 million tonnes of biodiesel per year.
“Singapore, with its strategic location, excellent logistics and experience in the petrochemical industry can play a pivotal role as a regional hub for the biofuel industry,” he said at the ground-breaking ceremony on Singapore’s Jurong Island.
He did not give further details on where the biodiesel output would be sold but mentioned countries like Japan, Korea, Taiwan, the US West Coast and Europe.
Palm oil will be the base feedstock for the biodiesel plant in Singapore, but other vegetable oils such as soya and canola will also be used.
ConAgra Food Inc. has agreed to supply the plant’s feedstock needs. It was also able to secure other contracts and joint ventures with food suppliers to meet the supply needs of the plant.

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