The global watchdog is at it again!! Poking its nose where it shouldn’t.

The US has reacted to the intended plans of N Korea to conduct nuclear tests just as it has in the past. “If what they have in mind is the notion that somehow by exploding this thing they’ve created fait accompli and we’re just going to have to come to terms with a nuclear North Korea, they’ve got to think again,” Hill said yesterday in Washington. “We’re not coming to terms with a nuclear North Korea.

As usual, an irrelevant UN is also undecided on the action it must take on N Korean issue.

Mr. Bush, have you ever wondered who supplied these N-weapons to N Korea? As a reminder to your selective amnesia, these weapons have the imprints of your favorite FATWAT, Pakistan. Mush still wants the world to believe that a nuclear scientist can run N-blackmarket as a sole proprietor!! And look who believes him…Why don’t you muster up enough courage to ask your friend to hand over A Q Khan? Or the global policeman still prefers to look the other way when the fire is burning elsewhere?

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