That saddam was a vile, cruel, vicious, despot is not the deception that the neo-conservatives beguiled the American people with.
The lie, the untruth, the Sin was in making him out to be any different then the average middle eastern “President” for life.

The mantra of the Bush white house which has gone through a dozen reincarnations is that He had weapons of mass destruction and was willing to use them, then it became he was attempting to acquire them, and when that “truth” was exposed as pure fiction it became he was wishing he had them and besides Iraq and the world is a better place with out him in power.

Then the challenge would be DO you dare say it would be better if he was still in power that our sons and daughters died for nought that the Iraqis should live under a cruel despot who gasses his own people!!!!

Allow another to frame the rules of debate and they always win the argument. The world is awash in “Presidents” for life who are despots and guilty of crimes against humanity but the international standard for throwing them out of power use to require a greater depth and degree of evil with intent to commit global destruction.
President Bush claimed to offer proof of the requisite “evil with intent to commit global evil” and it turns out he mostly bluffed it up. Made some of it up out of whole cloth.

I feel he did with malicious intent take a minor incident in the whole of world tragedy and turned it into a war which never would have been.

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