Many of the heroes of who have worked to clean up the mess made by the fall of the twin towers of the World Trade Center are now becoming victims as researchers are finding severe health problems as a result to exposure to the area. One of the most recent and alarming finds is a growing number of people developing a rare blood cell cancer, possibly, though not definitely due to the dust inhaled on the site. Researchers came across this as they screened half of the 40,000 ground zero workers and found multiple myeloma in even young people, a condition that 70 percent of the time is developed much later in life.

Myeloma is a plasma cell cancer that spreads through bone marrow. Only about 1 percent of these cases occur in people under 40, according to the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation in Norwalk, Connecticut. It has been reported that more than 100 workers have cancer, and about eight have multiple myeloma. Many of them are in their 30’s or 40’s. The youngest is 29. This condition is a new wave in the previous health problems suffered by the group of workers in less than six years. About 70% of the workers screened had developed respiratory illnesses. The researchers at Johns Hopkins University and the University of Rochester plans to monitor the workers’ health for the next 20 years. Only then will doctors know how much damage has been done by those only trying to help.

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