David Schussler

Poised for an opportunity to invade sovereign Georgia, the Russian leaders took advantage of the internal turmoil between Georgia and South Osettia. Russia s military not only physically invaded with the false justification of keeping the peace but obviously planned the invasion.

Russia in an attempt to sway public opinion has even attempted to block and deter Internet reporting of the facts on the ground by overburdening websites that they felt would hurt their interests.http://bits.blogs.nytimes.com/2008/08/11/georgia-takes-a-beating-in-the-cyberwar-with-russia/.

Risking world condemnation, the Russian leadership in an attempt to control oil pipelines and political desire for autonomy and freedom (which is contagious) is still slaughtering people in villages all over Georgia and South Osettia.

This morning’s meeting with French president Sarcozy resulted in verbage only as Medvedev agreed under his terms to a cease fire. The cease fire does not exist however as all reports from the ground prove (georgiamfa.blogspot.comand) that Medvedev claims to be leaving his “peace keeping” forces intact in Georgia.

World leaders need to cowboy up and demand that Russian forces leave Georgia and stay out of there as they allow a neutral peace keeping force to monitor the remains of that nation.

The deaths of the citizens of Georgia and South Osettia are now on the hands of the Russian leaders and amount to nothing less than war crimes that should be followed up with effective condemnation of Russia that is meaningful enough to affect policy changes.

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