Technology has become a valuable tool for Christians looking for others to share their teachings around the world. The World Gospel Mission is one such Christian organization who is taking advantage of technology through its “Second Life” virtual community program. Over 7.5 million people are members of this community. Here, they buy and sell items to each other to connect to others around the world. They also share religious information and teachings through a handbook called, “Ambassadors to LindenLand Handbook,” for Christians to help expose the teachings of Jesus Christ fellow members.

Since their beginning in June 1910, the World Gospel Mission has obtained over 300 missionaries and support staff scattered throughout six continents and throughout 17 countries. The organization was founded by Rev. and Mrs. Cecil and Ellen Troxel and Rev. and Mrs. Woodord and Harriet Taylor. They started preaching to those in China with the Missionary Department of the National Association for the Promotion of Holiness under the Christian Holiness Association. By the 1920’s, the China Field recruited 15 missionaries and 50 Chinese workers to promote Christianity throughout the country. The number of fields grew to 16 fields by 1967.

In October 2004, the organization’s Board of Directors approved six objectives as motivation for their efforts. They include Personnel Development, Financial Deployment, Properties Management, Ministry Expansion, Message Articulation, and Results Communication. By 2010, they hope to create five new fields of service, recruit 100 new missionaries and 150 approved and trained area representative for the Advance Volunteer Network, upgrade their headquarters. At a time when concrete religious beliefs are crumbling, this group seeks to base their beliefs on tradition while utilizing today’s resources and expanding membership to others.

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