By Town Crier.
I bought a copy of the observer today and one of its headings read thus: SoS Macdouall Gaye convenes telecom consumer forum.
Reading or going through the story one wonders whether the meeting was actually for consumers or service providers. I do not know who the originator of this heading is. If it’s the SOS, (sacrifice our souls) please retract it because the article never mentioned the attendance of any of us, the consumers. This meeting should have been held somewhere in Macarthy Square, I hate calling it 22nd July because it brings angry spouts out of me. If you really wanted to hear from us the consumers, invite us in Serrekunda, Bakau, Brikama and swallow the bitterness we were going to splash all over  your face about the service we have been receiving from your ministry.
You people pretend to be working for us while doing us a disservice. All of you try to come up with one “work chop” to another “work chop” in order to impress Yahya Jammeh. We don’t need “work chops”, we need actions to fix our problems. How much money was spent in convening this meeting? And what are the payoffs? We heard the voices of the providers, how about the consumers, in whose names the forum was organized? Or did your mouth piece, the Observer  fail to report the whole happenings at the “work chop”?
I hope you have not organized this “work chop” to devise more intelligent ways of skinning us through hidden costs to recover the money squandered by your boss, Dr. of Nothing Jilanka Jammeh. I don’t even carry my mobile on me any more as I used to do before since it’s as worthless as a pen with spent ink. It does not serve me the purpose I bought it for.
“The government under President Jammeh’s leadership is committed in introducing information technology in all schools to enable school children to be computer literate,” she noted.
Listen to this verbiage!  How can you make schools computer literate if you cannot provide us with stable electricity supply?  Are you going to use Atlantic Ocean Water to run the computers? We need to know how your boss intends to do this SOS (Sell Our Souls). What was the dish served? How much mineral water bottles were downed that day, how about the electricity cost to make you feel cool, how about the gas spent in driving you there? The logistics to put the work chop in place? This would have gone a long way in buying in doing something more productive. I ate smoked bonga with my family on that day. If you have invited the public, I would have been there and at least taste part of your good food.
Some of this “work chops” are used to boost your own images rather than solve our problems. Each of you must understand that Town Crier does not hate you as human beings; it’s your actions and hypocrisy that I am drumming against. And I will continue to drum until someone listens or I burst your eardrums. Pep peeep domm!!! Domm!!! Domm!!!
By Town Crier.
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