A report released by Human Rights Watch, an US based international non-government organization, says that more than 600,000 Asian laborers are being exploited in United Arab Emirates, as they have few or no rights to combat exploitation. The report has blamed the UAE government for failing to protect the workers’ rights. The report says that construction workers in UAE earn as little as $135 a month, while the average monthly wage in the country is around $2,100 and poorly paid workers have to toil hard for two to three years to earn the amount, which they paid to unscrupulous labor recruiters for getting a job in Emirates. Hadi Ghaemi, Human Rights Watch researcher, said that UAE had no reason to tolerate abusive and exploitative labor practices.

This report has been released days after Dubai leader Sheik Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum issued a sweeping program of labor reform, which includes tough penalties like life imprisonment, to those who illegally bring workers, domestic servants and child camel race jockeys in to the country. Ali Al Kaabi, the labor minister of UAE, said that the country is in the midst of beefing up its enforcement of already strict labor laws and laws on human trafficking. He added that the labor laws in UAE are tougher than the ones in other countries in Middle East, but lack of inspectors has hindered the enforcement of these laws.

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