A city employee from Oregon has claims that city workers have been exposed to the potentially deadly carcinogenic, asbestos, and the claim is now being investigated by Oregon Occupational Safety and Health Division officials. It is claimed that the workers were exposed to the deadly substance during the demolition of a property that was over a century old.
One health official has confirmed that an investigation has been launched into the matter, although no further information has been released by the health department. It has been confirmed that samples have been taken from the site where workers were allegedly exposed to asbestos, and the results of these tests are due back in a couple of weeks.
Bob Pierce, the Public Works Director, said that a complaint was made to the state occupational health division, Department of Environmental Quality and Rogue Disposal officials just a week after the demolition of the property, and this was done by an unnamed city employee.
Mr Pierce stated: "We don’t know if there was asbestos there. We don’t know if there wasn’t. The bottom line is, if we did something wrong on a technicality, we want to know about it and correct it."

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