The Chicago Cubs have not been to the World Series in 98 years. The reason for such a disparity lies heavily upon the management’s (or lack thereof) shoulders. They’ve repeatedly made bad decisions that have been detrimental to the most under-achieving team in baseball. And it sounds as if they’re going to continue their woes, for general manager Jim Hendry has stated he would like Kerry Wood to return as a reliever for the team in 2007. Chicago drafted Kerry Wood and quickly anointed him as “the next Nolan Ryan.” His history, however, proves to be a closer match to Illinois Governor George Ryan, for he’s been nothing but a thorn in Cubs’ fans sides. The Cubs have invested lucrative amounts of money in him with hopes that in return he’ll contribute to the team. Instead he’s refused to follow his coaches’ advice and change his pitching mechanics. The result: Extended stays on the disable list, year after year after year. Due to his history, it’d be virtually impossible to trade him. Who would want a bane of a pitching staff? So what’s in his future? Unfortunately it appears as if it will be another contract, which is much to the Cubs fans’ dismay. He claims to have an “obligation” to the team, and he says, “there is something [I have] to prove.” He’s proved himself already. The Cubs need to cut their losses. They don’t need a whiny girl on their team that is incapable of following instructions. They need men that are flexible, men that want to play, men that want to win. He’s none of these; therefore; not worthy of anymore investments…unless he wants to pitch for free! Which for all intents and purposes is the obligation he should feel for this team and their loyal fans

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