Wompers!, what are they? do we need them?, are they a danger to the environment?, is legislation required? Well the answer is ..,I don’t know, but I will share the story with you.

Womping is not for the wimpy. This is a sport that only the best of the best should engage in. The equipment is cheap, but the mission is brutal. Womping is all about surfing with nothing more than a plastic tray stolen from Taco Bell.
Womping is also regional. This may be why you have not heard of it. You can’t womp on a pond. Good womps are few and far between.  My son was an expert on the subject, and I got lured in.

Actually I just got suckered in. I was going womping. My son offered to loan the hardware to me, but I declined and stole my own Taco Bell tray. That is a whole story by itself.

To the best of my knowledge there are few pictures of me womping. In fact I didn’t Womp, I hated every second of the adventure. I got womped!

My wife Jan however  managed to find a womping picture. I believe this was taken after my first ‘Womp’. I was still relativity in one piece.


All I can say is that I had sand where sand had no place to be. Oh and putting on a wet suit is pretty darn difficult.  Taking it off is worse. Sand up your bum. And Seaweed between your  teeth. I came, I saw, I Womped. But it was a one off. Womping is for the young!

Simon Barrett

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