Hillary won over Obama, which makes me a bit happy.

Obama in 2012 when he gets out of diapers, and even the NASCAR daddies will vote for him. Right now, he’d be a disaster.

Yet the newest spin is that women saw Hillary crying and changed their mind.

Give me a break. Do we really want a president who cries when the going gets rough? Crying in public destroyed the Muskie attempt to run for president, but we give a woman candidate a break?

Yet the polls in New Hampshire show something interesting. From the Washington Post:

CNN-WMUR-University of New Hampshire poll shows a much bigger movement to Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) among women than among men. In the pre-election poll released Sunday, 34 percent of women said they supported Clinton, while the exit poll showed that 46 percent of women voted for the senator. The change among men was plus four percentage points.

Is this partial evidence of the “tear” effect that so many have latched onto? A return to the “gender gap” that polls showed before Iowa and the media storm that followed? As was clear last night, much more data analysis — and more elections — await.

Yet this shows that, despite tears, the majority of Democratic women in the state of New Hampshire did not support Hillary.

Ah, but where were the non supporters? In southern New Hampshire, which has become a suburb of Boston? Or in the more rugged and independent north, where blue dog Democrats abound?

I’m waiting for more analysis.

Of course, in a general election, it’s moot: Even Obama supporters won’t vote for an evil Republican who will take away a woman’s right to abort her baby up to five seconds before birth.

Finally, I was only partly right in saying that the “Iron my shirt” was a plant.

Yes it was, but the plant was from a Boston radio station shock jock, not from someone in the Clinton campaign.

However my remarks about her security being so poor that one of these guys with a large cardboard sign got within twelve feet to her, remains a big question.

Perhaps her secret service guys and gals need to review her security a bit better.


Nancy Reyes is a retired physician living in the rural Philippines. Her website is Finest Kind Clinic and Fishmarket. 

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