And we all know how they drive. In a speech given as chairwoman at an EU summit observing International Women’s Day, German politician and notorious woman Angela Merkel said that except for when it comes to odious, traditional jobs like being the undisputed head of the household the world over or Chancellor of Germany, women are still underrepresented in most other decision-making bodies.

“Okay, okay,” she said. “So what if women now account for the majority of the European Union’s university graduates and have taken six of the eight million jobs created in the EU since 2000, uh, my seven or eight jobs included?” Merkel also currently presides over the EU and the G8 nations and tons of other stuff, you see. “They are still underpaid, earning on average 15 percent less than men. And besides, we, I mean they, still have to have the babies.”

When asked by a reporter about other prominent international leadership-type women like Condolezza Rice, Ségolène Royal, Nancy Pelosi, Hilary Clinton, the Queen of England, God etc. Merkel got a little touchy and held three fingers all up in the guy’s face, saying: “Underrepresented, underpaid, babies. Got it now, bozo?”

I can’t wait to hear her speech on International Men’s or Take Your Son To Work or Whatever That Day Is Day.

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