This is a guest article by Tigercat 81 

That doesn’t sound quite right as the NFL  is in their pre-season, however there are full contact football teams that are all female. There is probably a team right next door or possibly in the very town or city you live in and you never even knew it.

These teams do not get the exposure the male teams do and so I am dedicating my writing to give them the exposure they deserve. There are teams all over the United States that  no one knows about.

There are a few leagues such as the Women’s Football Alliance and the Independent Women’s Football league. These links will take you to the respective websites for you to view teams and see and support any in your area: and

There are also independent teams such as the Binghamton Tigercats out of Binghamton, NY their website is

These women hit hard and play hard. They deserve to be supported as much or more than the male teams since they pay for their own travel, hotel rooms and food. Most of these teams do not pay their players either and still they come out with broken ribs, twisted ankles, after being stepped on by a cleat and other various bumps, bruises and injuries to play not for the pay but because they love to play.

Tigercat 81

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