A forty eight year old woman from the UK is suing her local council after contracting cancer that stemmed from exposure to the deadly substance asbestos. The woman, who did not want to be named, claims to have been exposed to asbestos whilst renovation work was being carried out at her school in Liverpool.

She is planning to sue Knowsley Council as a result of the exposure, and was diagnosed with the deadly cancer, mesothelioma in 2007. It is thought that her case will be heard early this year, although the council has confirmed that it will be fighting the case.

The woman stated: “I have undergone chemotherapy, massive surgery and recently been admitted to the intensive care unit. I have been very poorly with the illness. I hope no other pupils end up in the same boat as me.”

A lawyer working for the woman added: “Mesothelioma is a comparatively rare cancer in women but unfortunately there will be cases like this where there was exposure during childhood which only becomes apparent many years later.”

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