Last week 60 year old Barbara Joan March of Connecticut was sentenced to 15 years in prison after pleading guilty to 14 counts of mailing injurious articles. The charges stem from her 2005 attempt at killing all the members of the US Supreme Court by sending them poisoned baked goods in the mail. In April of 2005, all nine members of the Supreme Court, BI Director Robert Mueller; his deputy; the chief of naval operations; the Air Force chief of staff and the chief of staff of the Army received packages that contained a lovely assortment of baked goods along with a letter that said they were poisoned. Upon analysis, the baked goods were revealed to contain enough rat poison to kill every single member of the court. The baked good were stopped in the mail room and never made it to the chambers of any of the members.

At the time, the case got little to no media attention but last week upon sentencing former supreme court member Sandra Day O’Connor gave an interview about the incident in which she was quoted by the Fort Worth Star-Telegram as saying “Every member of the Supreme Court received a wonderful package of home-baked cookies, and I don’t know why, (but) the staff decided to analyze them. Each one contained enough poison to kill the entire membership of the court.”

Interestingly enough, all of the letters that said the baked goods were poisoned were signed with a fake signature from people all over the United States that had some kind of connection to March’s past at some point or another. The fake signatures included classmates, a former co-worker and a former roommate.

O’Connor details half-baked attempt to kill Supreme Court (CNN)

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