Pamela Rauseo, 37, of West Kendall, Florida noticed that her 5 month old nephew, Sebastian de la Cruz was turning blue as she was driving along on Florida State road 836, just north of 57th Avenue, Thursday, February 20, 2014. Little Sebastian was born premature and he has respiratory issues Rauseo quickly pulled over to the side and grabbed the baby, screaming for help as she started administering emergency CPR to him.

Aunt saves baby

By the time Sweetwater, Florida officer Bastida arrived, traffic came to a halt on the busy highway and he assisted in getting the baby back to breathing again. A Miami Herald photographer helped notify the police when he flagged the officer down. Also a woman, Lucila Godoy stopped her car to help.

aunt saves nephew

Bastidas took over when he arrived by performing the chest pumps as Rauseo continued the CPR. The baby briefly started breathing and then stopped again. They were successful in getting the infant to breathing again. The Miami Fire Rescue arrived at the scene soon afterwards and took the baby to the hospital. A hospital spokesperson at the Jackson Memorial Hospital reported that he was in stable condition in the hospital Thursday evening.

aunt saves baby 3

This woman deserves a medal for saving this child’s life. God does work in mysterious ways. All these people that helped her were in the right place at the right time. I pray that this baby doesn’t have to go through this again but if he does I pray that his guardian angels will always be with him to protect him.

Jan Barrett

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