A woman from Manahawkin, NJ drove her car off a pier on Friday night near Southwinds Marina.

Around 8:30 p.m. Friday, the township police were called to investigate a woman screaming, from a home across from the marina. Officers David Supsie, Ronald Buxton, and Even Androcy arrived to the marina’s boat ramp, where they saw the woman’s vehicle in the water, according to reports.

Searching the area led them to the owner of the submerged vehicle, Jane Boon, who determinedly clung to a piling underneath the fueling dock, said police.

The helpful officers were able to pull Ms. Boon out of the cold water, the report said.

She was transferred to Southern Ocean County Hospital in Stafford Township, where she was treated for her non-life threatening injuries.

The township’s Underwater Rescue Team assisted with the recovery of Boon’s submerged vehicle with the help of the Forked River and Lanoka Harbor companies.

The police are investigating this bizarre incident.

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Tamika M. Murray


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