What triggers anyone to take their own life? I suppose a number of different things but to me I can’t think of anything that could be bad enough to do it and take the lives of others with you against their wishes. I just wrote an article about a murder suicide in Los Angeles where a man killed his three sons, his wife and his mother in law because of financial hardships.

Now I see where in another part of the country, Louisville, Kentucky to be exact, a woman took her life but she took the lives of her two daughters first. This time the innocent victims were stabbed to death and the mother then took a gun and shot herself in the head.

Family members found the bodies just before 7:30 pm Monday night when they stopped by the house. Jefferson County Deputy Coroner identified the mother as Hope Orwick, 35. He said she died of a gunshot wound which was in the head. He identified her daughters as Emily Orwick, 9 and Lindsey Orwick, 8.  Both of the girls died of stab wounds but Jones hadn’t determined how many times they each had been stabbed.

Police were talking to family and neighbors to see if they could find out what led Hope Orwick to doing this.

One neighbor, Mechelle Rockey, 48 told the Courier-Journal that she has lived across the street from the Orwick’s for about 6 months now and she said the two girls were seen outside playing often. “They were the sweetest little girls,” said Rockey. “They were cute as a button.”

Beth Denham told investigators that she had been friends with Orwick since they met in a church program more than a decade ago. She said that Hope had been distraught after her husband’s death about three years ago. “I just want people to know that she loved her children, but I think she missed her husband,” Denham said. “I know those children were the light of her life and soul.” She also said that Orwick had withdrawn from her circle of friends after her husband died. “Everybody loved her and cared for her but couldn’t reach her,” said Denham.

Neighbor Glen Walker said his 9 year old son was friends with the two girls. “He would fix her bike and help her,” he said.

This is so sad. These young girls didn’t have a chance to live their life. It is just so unfair.

Jan Barrett

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