There’s a classic technique used to get out of a bad date. They meet the person, and if they want to go home early, they have someone call them, pretending to have an emergency, and it gives them an excuse to leave without hurting the other person’s feelings. In the case of 20-year-old Sara White, she decided to try a twist on this old trick by making herself the emergency. White, who oddly enough is set to get married in April, had set up a date in the park with a man she had met on a phone chat line and had been talking to for the last two weeks. At the last minute, she called the man and told him that she had been abducted and was riding in the trunk of the car. The man called police and started a 60 officer search to find her.

When the authorities contacted white, she told them she had been hit on the head and dragged into the truck of a car while sitting in Sacramento Park, waiting for her date.

She then said she had been taken to a white house with green trim. The police found a house similar to it, but they did not find her there. By then, the Sacramento police, the California Highway Patrol, and other police agencies were all on the case. She then told police she was at a McDonalds followed by a Wal-Mart. By then, police began to get suspicious of her story. They then went to her home in Turlock where they found her sitting in her living room where she had been making the calls.

White was charged with a misdemeanor for abusing emergency dispatch services. She says she feels bad about lying to the police but couldn’t think of anything else to say in order to get out of her date. She still plans on getting married in April despite this ordeal. Let’s hope she doesn’t try to duck out of her wedding next.



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