A woman has filed a lawsuit claiming that she was fired from her job as a result of expressing her concerns over asbestos in some of the flooring in the building. The woman from Lower Windsor Township claims that the York County nursing home fired her because she voiced concerns over asbestos in the flooring of the salon at the home.

The plaintiff, Mary Ann Gruzs is claiming three hundred and fifty dollars in damages plus interest, costs, and attorney fees. The lawsuit was filed last week, and the defendants include the nursing home, the county, and a number of officials from the nursing home from which the plaintiff was allegedly fired.

The plaintiff worked as a beautician in the salon of the nursing home and was fired from her job in 2006. However, officials from the county claim that she failed to show up to work for three days in a row in that year and did not inform superiors at the nursing home that she was not coming in to work.

However, the plaintiff claims that her First Amendment rights have been violated. According to her report she became aware of the presence of asbestos on the flooring of the salon after she put in a complaint about the condition of the flooring.

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