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Misty Cummings, the stepmother of missing 6-year-old Satsuma girl Haleigh Cummings, was involved in what investigators believe was a road-rage incident in Central Florida on Wednesday. But she was released after questioning.

The Seminole County Sheriff’s Office said a driver claimed that Cummings, a passenger in a vehicle with a female friend, kept gesturing and making threats on Interstate 4 and on Maitland Avenue.

In her 911 call, the driver also alleges that at one point Cummings might have pulled out a gun.

WESH 2 TV  Video Link here.

When officers searched the car that Cummings was in, no gun was found and eventually she was and her friend were released.

Cummings was 17 years old and watching 6-year-old Haleigh and Haleigh’s younger brother on the February night that Haleigh disappeared. At the time, Cummings was the girlfriend of Haleigh’s father, Ronald Cummings, but they were later married. Ronald Cummings said this week that they have agreed to get a divorce.

An Amber Alert was issued the morning after Haleigh disappeared. Investigators believed Haleigh was taken from the home. Extensive searches of their neighborhood and investigation of more than 4,000 tips phoned in to the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office have not provided any answers to what happened to the girl.

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