We are not in Kansas anymore Toto.

Dr. Oz (Dr. Mehmet Oz) has discovered this harsh reality over the past week. To be honest with you, I gave him the same credibility that I would give a three day old donut. He was right up there with Judge (fill in the name), or Steve (you are the father) Wilko. At least Jerry Springer has a sense of humor and the mud bath and Jello fights are entertaining. Watching pole dancing lessons by creepy young men wearing tight clothing or women fighting and tearing each others wigs off is designed as part of the program. Jerry is a master of his craft. He finds the strangest of the strange and puts on a show.

Dr. Oz does something similar. To be honest with everyone, up until this latest rumble, I thought he was someone out of a reality TV infomercial. He was right up there with the guy trying to sell the latest Garden Hose. You have seen it, it uncoils when water is added and coils right back up when the water is turned off.

Last year I bought the sharpest knife on the planet. I think I have used it exactly once. It is entirely useless for any practical purpose. I call this Snake Oil.

Quite frankly I was shocked to discover that Dr. Oz is actually a real doctor. Why would you spend years learning about the human body to toss it away to be the star of a TV show promoting snake oil?

Simon Barrett

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