A perfectly normal nutcase shot and killed his wife and two children in Baden-Wurttemberg yesterday before shooting and killing himself. That these people never seem to get the order right when it comes to this shooting-other-people-and-then-shooting-yourself stuff is bad enough (well, I don’t think they get the order right), but that the fewest of them seem aware of the fact that what they are in blatant violation of German gun control laws when doing this is what really gets my goat.

Don’t these morons know that they aren’t allowed to own guns like that in this country? Weren’t they ever told that they can be heavily fined or even be given jail time (in theory sort of) by merely approaching such dangerous firearms, much less touching them (it is verboten for Germans to come within 50 meters of weapons that actually shoot real bullets, or at least that’s what somebody told me once here - but the guy who told me that wasn’t the most reliable person or anything, just thought I’d mention it)?

So what this country needs is not only proper gun control laws, Germany actually has those already, it needs to ensure that its criminals and psycho-types are aware that these laws exist and that they respect them accordingly. I am going to write a letter to Roland Koch and propose that he propose a re-education program for all of those countless lawless freaks wandering around the German countryside and/or urban jungle areas right now. Why should Germany limit this boot camp stuff to just a few foreign delinquents?

Wenn schon, denn schon (if you’re going to do it, do it right).

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