In today’s news, another case of China stealing US military technology has surfaced. Chi Mak, a Chinese national who came to the US in 19885 goes on trial today for sending US military submarine technology to China, and acting as an agent for China with the intent to steal US military secrets.

In recent news, it came to light that China influenced a US defense designer to hand over Stealth technology. Not only did the engineer hand over top secret designs around US stealth aircraft, but also information as to how to defeat US air-to air missiles, and plans on the creation of stealthy rockets and missiles.

This sort of activity by China is nothing new. The sad part is, these attacks by our largest trading partner are not only stepping up but China is beginning to edge out the US by stealing the US’ own military secrets. China is not only trying to match the US man for man, but working to trump it in technology as well. Is this simply a plan to acquire Taiwan without US interference, or is a broader goal afoot?

China has managed to attract US high tech manufacturing, and supplies the US with most of it’s goods for sale. It’s worth noting that China’s trade policies with the US are extremely one sided, and their government has a direct hand in controlling currency policy so as to provide China with the greatest advantage in trading with the US. This is hardly a free or fair market.

The bigger question is, what is the US government doing about China? From where I sit, nothing is being done.

What are the larger implications? China will be a dominant force in world politics, if it isn’t already…and this is by design.

We can see this threat coming, yet do nothing to stop it.

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