I am aghast that even before the “surge” has had time to occur, the Democrats have decided it didn’t work.

Since our enemies read the MSM, they will get the word: Try harder and we’ll cry uncle.

It’s hard to judge from 12000 miles away, but there were few discussions before the elections last year about the war. I remember the “macaca”, and some Republican who sent dirty emails, and weekly reports about the polls,.  but little discussion about the war.
Similarly I read about car bombs stopped and infrastructure built and terror attacks decreasing, but when I watch CNN or BBC all I see are breathless, almost admiring reports on failures and bombs.

Both the Philippines and Indonesia have made recent success against Alqaeda trained terrorists, but you wouldn’t know it. Similarly, the success in turning local Sunni tribes in Anbar province against the outside terrorists is now being spun as a failure.

But the most absurd “editorial” for today is this one, in the LATIMES, where the author, who the LAT reassures us is an expert on security matters, discusses how Americans will have to adjust to the psychological depression caused by leaving Iraq…as if allowing an Islamofascist takeover of Islamic countries with the resulting blood baths is going to lead to peace. Cambodia? Anyone? Anyone?
When someone trained in security matters insists that removing the US as sheriff is “good” because it means the US won’t interfere with outside nations anymore, essentially what they are saying is that there will be no one now to go around stopping bad guys anymore.

So he applauds an American feeling sorry for themselves and licking their wounds (this used to be called isolationism). But the reality is that it sends a signal that we will sit back and not intervene if Israel is nuked, Kashmir becomes a killing field, Buddhists are ethnically cleansed from southern Thailand, and J.I. terrorize both Indonesia and the Philippines, kidnapping and decapitating Catholic priests and Seventh Day Adventist Avon ladies.

What is missing in all this is connecting the dots.

Withdraw from Iraq, and you end up killing your allies, not only in Iraq but in Dubai and the smaller Gulf states. You give a green light to Hamas— who right now, with Syria’s help are taking over Gaza and trying to take over Lebanon, with rumors that they plan to attack Israel this summer.

In the meanwhile, Al qaeda, with the help of Sunni funded mosques, is preaching jihad and recruiting young men in many countries, not only in the Middle East, but Asia, Africa, and even Europe.

None of this is going to go away. And as a Democrat and former Hillary supporter, I worry that her caving in to the rabid left signals a weakness that will invite an attack.

If Hillary wants to lead, she needs to put the war into context, including admitting what her husband knew about WMD and threats pre 9-11 that were ignored because they seemed too far out (including the one discovered in the mid 1990’s in Makati by the Philippine police, which were priminary plans to bomb ten airliners at the same time, with an alternative plan to fly these airliners into buildings).

There are a lot of things going on out there, but without connecting the dots and following the money, the public will be blissfully unaware of the danger until one of these attacks succeed.
Until the newspapers and networks start putting things into context, they are essentially lying. And until the Democrats start leading instead of allowing a small vocal left to dictate their course, they are headed toward disaster.

You see, reality has a way of destroying delusions. It will only take one terror attack to change the minds of the US. The real question is where will that be?
When Putin’s posturing over missile defense in Europe turns out to be about placing them in an area where they can defend Moscow, then you know that something is brewing.


Nancy Reyes is a retired physician living in the rural Philippines.

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