While he may not be quite as well known as The Marlboro Man, Wnston had their own secret weapon, Alan Landers. Alan personified the Winston brand for many years. Although he did nor reach the stature of The Marlboro Man, he toiled endlessly as a pitchman for Winston.

It would be great to write that he died of natural causes, alas that was not the case, he suffered from emphysema, and was recently diagnosed with tonisallar cancer.

He was undergoing both chemotherapy and radiation, but this was not the first time he had battled cancer. I do believe that he had at least two prior skirmishes with Lung Cancer.

Alan Landers was the picture that you saw on Winston ad’s in the 60’s and 70’s. Alas his heavy smoking regime led to a medical issues in the 80’s. In the 90’s he signed on to a class action law suit against R.J. Reynolds. The suit alleged:

That cigarette companies intentionally hooked people on nicotine and conspired to hide information about smoking’s hazards.

The suit as a class action failed. But it paved the way for other Tobacco related suits, these have extracted billions of dollars from the companies involved. Although how much of the money has actually gone to the people involved is about $zero, the lawyers and state governments taking the $billions instead. Alan Landers is dead, he received nothing from the $billions that the government reaped the tobacco industry, no, they were too busy doling out free money to the MBA’s that are running our banking system!

I’d take Alan Landers over a banking honcho every time, Alan deserved better. He did not defraud his investors, he just did his job.

Simon Barrett


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