Over the years much has been written about Winnie Mandela and her ex husband Nelson. Nelson Mandela did much to remove apartheid in South Africa, his efforts gained him 27 years in jail and a Nobel Peace Prize. Many books and documentaries have been made about this great man, a man of the people. His funeral in 2013 was an international event, world leaders came to pay their respects to this great man.

His ex-wife Winnie is not quite as popular, in fact to many people she is very unpopular. Although she has been found guilty of various crimes, she always seems to end up walking away with little more than a slap on the wrist.

Possibly that might change with the release of a new book.

Way back in 2007 I wrote a quick article about how Canada had refused a visa to Winnie Mandela, yet the month before the US had welcomed her with open arms. The point of the article was not so much about Winnie Mandela, but subconsciously more about how Canada and the US had changed border policies after 9/11.

My article received several comments about Winnie Mandela. One interested me, it was poorly written but obviously from the heart:

I was the man that accused Winnie Mandela of kill people in Soweto. I was kidnapped in South Africa by ANC and put in prison in Zambia on Mandela is order.
In 1997I went to South Africa to gave evidence against her but nothing happed to her.

The comment was left by someone called Katiza. I did write to him and ask him to tell me more.

I moved on and forgot all about the story and the comment until today. In a flurry of emails much was revealed. A book has been written about his experiences inside, and outside of Winnie Mandela’s sphere of influence.

I have not read the entire book, I just have lumps of it. However I have enough evidence to see that Katiza is very serious.

The introduction begins:

This book is the story of the redemptive journey of a young, uneducated man from the black townships of South Africa who became embroiled in the violence of Mrs Winnie Mandela’s notorious bodyguard-cum-vigilante group, the so-called Mandela United Football Club.

The Introduction is written by veteran reporter and writer Fred Bridgland.

Fred does not suffer fools lightly. If he is willing to put his reputation on the line there is substance.

It would be unfair to review a book I have not read, well other than little bits. I will however share the cover.

front cover

More soon.

Simon Barrett


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