The Michigan Law Abuse Watch (M-Law) has once again released the winners of this years Wacky Warning Label contest. This annual event features some of the strage things that you find on the warning labels of products. With manufacturers ever aware of the increasing risk of law suit for the misuse of their product they want to make everyone fully aware of ‘what not to do’. Unfortunately though, many times the end result is strange and bewildering messages, that are frequently humorous.

This years grand prize winner was found on a small garden tractor manufactured in china, the sage advice is simple, ‘Danger: Avoid Death’.

The second place was awarded to a label found on an ‘iron on’ T-shirt transfer, “Do not iron while wearing shirt.” Good advice indeed.

Third place, and I have to admit my absolute favorite was found on a baby stroller. The stroller came with a small pouch for putting in odds n ends, the label on the pouch wanted to clarify what you should not do with it, “Do not put child in bag.”

You can see photos of these fine labels on the M-LAW website.

These product warning labels seem silly to us, but as M-LAW points out, many of them are the result of silly law suits brought against companies by people that have used products in a ridiculous fashion and sustained injuries. 

Simon Barrett

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