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Singer Amy Winehouse and her troubled ways bring no novel news to our ears, but the ‘Rehab’ singer seems to be making quite the impression upon her fellow entertainers this month with such names as Dita Von Teese and Boy George revealing their trepidation towards the star’s future.

Burlesque dancer Dita Von Teese was left impressed yet distressed after Winehouse performed a private two-hour show for the dancer and her family.

Von Teese admitted that the visit to Winehouse’s London home left her amazed at the singer’s great talent –comparing her to the great soul icon Billie Holiday.

She recalls the visit saying: “I will never forget the time I went to Amy’s house and she sang and played guitar for me, my mother and sisters. She is our era’s Billie Holiday.”

Von Teese adds, “I listen to a lot of music from the 30s and 40s, but Amy Winehouse is the most important and interesting vocalist of the modern era.

However, Von Teese fears that the parallels between Winehouse and Holiday may soon expand to having the same cause of death. With her public anguish and drug addiction, the singer’s personal troubles mirror those that destroyed Holiday, who died at the tender age of just 44 from cirrhosis of the liver.

Von Teese continues: “Unfortunately, it seems that she is also following in the same footsteps as Billie— with genuine angst, drama and drug addiction.”

80’s pop idol Boy George has also come forward voicing his concern for the vocalist; pressing her to turn away from this “car crash” life she is living.

Having battled drug demons of his own over the past three decades, the former ‘Culture Club’ singer can’t bear to see such “amazing” talent as Winehouse’s be thrown away for the likes of drugs and alcohol.

He says, “We think she’s amazing and she touches us when she sings and then she’s this car crash. The last time I saw Amy Winehouse do anything special was at the Mercury Music Awards, she is amazing but I haven’t seen her do anything like it since and I would love to.”

George raises a good point, pointing out that if Winehouse is this staggering in her current distraught state, imagine the level of her talent if she took on a healthier lifestyle and behaviour.

He adds, “At the moment she is only working with 10 per cent of what she has and I would like to see how lethal she is when she is working with everything.”

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