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During WWII, suspicions of Japanese-American loyalties ran high to the extent that many Japanese youths and their families were interned during the war. To counter this type of suspicion, young patriotic Japanese joined the US Army and they were called the Nisei.

From Wikipeida.

Most Japanese Americans who fought in WWII were Nisei. The 100th Infantry Battalion and 442nd Regimental Combat Team, fighting in the European theatre, became the most decorated unit in U.S. military history for its size and length of service, earning it the nickname the “Purple Heart Battalion“.

We hear day in and day out how radical Jihadists do not represent the average peaceful Muslim.

OK. Good.

It is generally agreed on all political fronts that we are at war with a small minority of radicals, known as Jihadists, who have hijacked a peaceful religion. If the average peaceful Muslim is so concerned with being painted with the Jihadist brush, then why don’t they do what the Japanese did in WWII and prove not only their loyalty to the countries they live in but also a way to defeat those who have smeared their religion?

There are plenty of fronts in this war against militant Islam. Afghanistan, Iraq, Sudan, Pakistan, to name a few. So where are the Muslim Nisei brigades willing to fight the radicals in these countries and defend their religion?

If moderate Muslims want to prove to the non-Muslim community that they are not part of the Jihad and see the Jihadists as a threat to their living in peace then JOIN UP! BE ALL YOU CAN BE! Prove your loyalty as a Muslim unit and fight for your religion and you’re your country.

Any takers?

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