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We could have easily lost WWII if…

  • The Nazis didn’t hound Einstein and other scientists out of Germany.
  • If German scientists developed the A-Bomb first delivered by V2s.
  • If the German navy had more U-Boats in the Atlantic at the start of the war and won the Battle of the Atlantic.
  • If the appeasers led by Lord Halifax kept Britain from declaring war on Germany after the invasion of Poland.
  • If the Luftwaffe continued their raids on RAF airfield and radar stations gaining air superiority and the ability to successfully invade England but instead turned on London with the blitz.
  • If Hitler didn’t attack Russia.

Victories most times ride on what are called the fortunes of war. But there are also the fortunes of history.

In December of 1931, a rather portly gentleman was on an American lecture tour. On December 13, he took a taxi from the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel to Bernard Baruch’s home on 5th Avenue. Upon arriving at his destination he looked the wrong way and was run down by another New York taxicab. His injuries were so severe that he was taken immediately to Lenox Hill Hospital.

That portly gentleman was Winston Churchill. After Churchill’s car accident, Dr. Otto C. Pickhardt wrote a prescription for him. What did the doctor prescribe? “The use of alcoholic spirits at meal time…the minimum requirement to be 250 cc.”

Much credit for victory against Nazi Germany can be given to Churchill. He stood up to Hitler when he knew quite well that Britain would most likely succumb to a German invasion. Even after Hitler extended the hand of peace to Britain promising that if they signed a treaty with Hitler, Britain could keep its empire.

Churchill refused.

What’s interesting about his refusal was the little opposition to it by the British public. I mean, Hitler said that his squabble was not with the British who he believed were natural allies. Why didn’t the British force Churchill to grab this peace offering and avoid the terror of the blitz? If they did, Britain would be out of the war and the US would have to eventually fight Hitler alone – and most probably lose.
But Churchill stood his ground. Had he not, or was unable to, the fortunes of war would have dictated that freedom had little chance of surviving the 20th century. But that was a time when the Anglo-Saxons had spirit – unlike today where the kidnapping of British Marines is answered with diplomacy instaed of cruise missles.

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