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What are we fighting? What and who is the enemy?

Terrorists? Insurgents? A small minority of radical ‘criminals’ from a ‘broad spectrum’ of society? Or is it an idea. An ideology that seeks to dominate and not acclimate to a 21st century modern global society?

It is not just the violent jihadists who hold and advance this primitive 6th century ideology. It’s also the mainstream Muslims who can’t adapt to a modern world and demand that they be accommodated to instead of visa versa. The constant drum beating of many moderate, non-violent Muslims from every walk of life who preach that Islam is peace and wants nothing but to live in peace with the rest of the world take every opportunity to whine about the oppression modern society hoists upon them.

This whining comes from every strata of the Ummah – i.e. the nation of Islam – poor and rich alike because the Ummah demands adherence to a culture that is 1500 years behind the times.

The recent case of the Qatar princesses being thrown off a British Airways flight is an excellent case in point. How dare they force their social mores on non-Muslims? And this attempt at imposing their cultural values on us is getting worse. Let’s just stick with Britain since event happened on a British airline. Look at the whining done in the Ummah’s name in Britain and the Britt’s’ ‘Vichey’ response.

Vichy England is in Westminster. That’s where Rev. Phillip Chester, vicar of St. Matthew’s, wants to do away with England’s patron saint because Muslims don’t like St. George.

Vichy England is in East Northhamptonshire, where the council ordered a host to remove an England flag from her pub because it had “England” written on it.

Vichy England has engulfed England’s schools, many of which are dropping coverage of the holocaust from history lessons so as not to offend the Muslims who deny it happened. They’re also censuring talk of the Crusades (1095-1291) because it might conflict with what the Muslims learn in their mosques.

Vichy England is emboldening the enemy within: British citizens who are second-generation immigrants. Since they came voluntarily, one would presume they must have reasonably known about their adopted country’s revered precepts on civil discourse and her cherished traditions. However, they are altogether too happy to seize upon Vichy England’s obsession with multiculturalism as they undermine her heritage.

Vichy England is in Plymouth. That’s where town councilors suddenly decided to charge parking fees to patrons of St Andrews church. They deemed that free parking for everybody in the city on quiet Sundays discriminates against Muslims and Sikhs who practice their religion on other days. This is particularly heart-wrenching, for Plymouth will forever be enshrined as the home of the iconic Mayflower that in 1620 set sail with devout pilgrims bound for a missionary life in the new world.

Vichy England is in Blackpool. That’s where the city council threatened to confiscate licenses of taxi drivers who dared show a bit of patriotism during last year’s World Cup soccer tournament. Their folly: simply displaying England’s flag on their taxis in support of their soccer team.

Vichy England has consumed the press and swamped the once hallowed corridors of the BBC. Once respected the world over, the “beeb” is now infested with neurotic chattering classes seemingly ashamed of their heritage. Their bias is not anti-religion, for they rarely have a bad word for Islam; no, it’s just Christianity they resent.

How neurotic is their constant whining of their belief? Here’s an excerpt from a recent letter to the national newspaper The Daily Mail.

“We British Muslim lads born in England of Pakistani parents … don’t wish to be ‘radicalized’ and we would never become terrorists, but the continued use of an anti-Islamic flag increases our sympathy for … our fellow Muslims who believe direct action is the only way to make our voices heard.”

A flag? They want to expunge St. George’s Cross — the flag of a great country that welcomes them with free schooling, free medical care and possibly welfare checks. A flag? A tradition of a great county that has taken their family in and provided all the blessings of freedom upon them? A flag is making them oppressed?

Isn’t this proof that Islam is a mental illness?

A detailed poll by the Daily Telegraph showed that 32 percent of British Muslims believe that “Western Society is decadent and immoral and that Muslims should seek to bring it to an end.” That end may come sooner than later in England, unless a major resistance movement overcomes Vichy.

Muslims who believe they are the masters of the world will not quit trying to impose their religiously dictated will on non-Muslims until we stand up to them, as the captain of the British Airways flight did, and oppose them as the bullies they are.

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