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AINA ran published the text of a Frontpage Symposium they held on the subject of Anti-Fascists of Islam. They pulled together an impressive list of panel participants including Wafa Sultan, a Syrian-American psychologist and internationally known critic of militant Islam, Khalim Massoud, the president of Muslims Against Sharia, an Islamic reform movement, Robert Spencer, a scholar of Islamic history, theology, and law and the director of Jihad Watch, and Abul Kasem, an ex-Muslim who is the author of hundreds of articles and several books on Islam including, Women in Islam.

The article is a must read but I want to highlight one response from Mr. Massoud where he makes an excellent comparison between a radical Muslim and a moderate one. Our leadership should take note.

First, we define what ‘radical Muslim’ is. Radical Muslim is the one who believes in Islamic supremacy. Hence the urge to wage Jihad for world domination that usually involves killing or subjugating infidels. After we define the enemy, the ‘radical’, we define ‘moderate’ as the opposite to ‘radical’.


Anti-Semitism – Yes

Caliphate – Pro

Criticism of Islam – No

Deceiving non-Muslims – Yes

Democracy – Against

Dhimmitude for non-Muslims – Pro

Every deed (and word) of Prophet Muhammad (according
to Ahadith) was noble and is worthy of emulation – Yes

Freedom of (from) Religion – Against

Gender equality – Against

Jihad – Pro

Government – Religious

Islamic reformation -Against

Islamic supremacy – Pro

Israel – Against

Koran over Constitution – Yes

Reaction to criticism of Islam or Prophet Muhammad – Anger / Violence

Religious equality – Against

Shari – Pro

Terrorism – Pro / Neutral

Theocracy – Pro

Universal Human Rights – Against

Use of terms such as “Islamic terrorism” or “Islamofascism” – Object

Whitewashing terrorism – Yes


Anti-Semitism – No

Caliphate – Aainst

Criticism of Islam – Yes

Deceiving non-Muslims – N

Democracy – Pro

Dhimmitude for non-Muslims – Against

Every deed (and word) of Prophet Muhammad (according
to Ahadith) was noble and is worthy of emulation – No

Freedom of (from) Religion – Pro

Gender equality – Pro

Jihad – Against

Government – Secular

Islamic reformation – Pro

Islamic supremacy – Aainst

Israel – Pro / Neutral

Koran over Constitution – N

Reaction to criticism of Islam or Prophet Muhammad – Reason / No reaction

Religious equality – Pro

Shari – Against

Terrorism – Against

Theocracy – Aainst

Universal Human Rights – Pro

Use of terms such as “Islamic terrorism” or “Islamofascism” – Accept

Whitewashing terrorism – No

While this table could certainly be improved, it provides a good framework for a litmus test to identify true ‘anti-fascists of Islam’ (moderates).

Read the rest of the discussion. It’s worth your while.


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