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NewsMax did a recent story on what was being taught at West Point. Jarret Brachman, the director of research at the United States Military Academy’s Combating Terrorism Center, recently told a class of West Point cadets to “know thy enemy”.

The article goes on discussing that enemy as terrorism – the first mistake – but what would you expect from the Academy’s Combating Terrorism Center. Brachman, after a while did come up with a money quote. Unfortunately he doesn’t know the ramifications or meaning of it.

When they are not teaching cadets, the small group of academics at the Combating Terrorism Center, known as the CTC, publish analytical papers on al-Qaida and other terror networks that have landed on newspaper front pages and the desks of U.S. policy makers. The group’s central tenet is as old as war itself: Know your enemy.

“We have not been focused on the power of ideas, or been as sensitive to the power of ideas as much as they have,” said Brachman, a former CIA analyst.

Let’s look at that quote again.

“We have not been focused on the power of ideas, or been as sensitive to the power of ideas as much as they have.”

That’s the crux of the problem. Ideas or otherwise known as an ideology.

Our leaders and analysts, whoever and wherever they may be, have not been able to bring themselves to identify the ideology that we face as civilized world. Oh, they’ve skirted around the issue with terms like Islamo-fascists or Islamists, but even then, they are unable to truly identify the tactics used by the Islamic ideologues to reach their goal of Islamatizing the world. They refuse to accept the fact that Islam as a socio-political system and not just a religion (similar to the Holy Roman Empire’s socio-political system of the Middle Ages) uses a non-violent weapon of choice that has the same objective of the terrorists.

That weapon of choice is Shariah law and the multiple comparably non-violent jihads the Islamist ideology uses to implement Sharaih law in the non-Muslim and Muslim worlds.

True, the teaching of the non-violent jihads like media, institutional, cultural, litigation, demographic, and economic jihads has little place in a military academy. But if ideas of the enemy are to be discussed, these jihads must be addressed if one is to truly “Know Thy Enemy”.

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